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2014 PMC Day 1: Bourne

2014 PMC Day 1: Bourne

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254K 1:34
“Well, I got in around 1 o’clock which is about half an hour later than usual. That whole last segment was pretty much pouring rain with a strong headwind, and it was pretty brutal. And it is continuing to pour here at Mass Maritime in Bourne, although I’m gonna try and […] massage and so forth. […] the prospect that the rain might let up, but I don’t see that happening. Definitely finished the day and the ride, but still have about 10 miles to ride to get to the hotel. But generally just got completely soaked. Just finished my shower which is a good thing, but it’s gonna be kind of pointless. Gonna try to find shelter here […] to do anything. That’s it for now; probably will update you maybe later tonight or first thing in the morning with an update about how things have gone since arrival here. […] but the riding is over for the time being. […]”

Transcribed by: ornoth
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